Spirit of the Orisha & Zion Trinity is our February Grant Winner!

Here is the winning application for the month of February!

Spirit of the Orisha Zion Trinity

Spirit of the Orisha
Zion Trinity

A little about me:

We are the Worldbeat/Reggae band Zion Trinity. We are singers and songwriters who have been performing in New Orleans and nationally for the past 17 years. We operate a cultural center on Bayou Rd and we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of our business in February. As a female and Black owned business, we are especially proud of our longevity. We provide free and low cost workshops and we teach Orisha Song classes and generally serve as a knowledge center for sacred African traditions.

Here’s my idea:

We have completed a 2 disc CD entitled “Spirit of the Orisha: Voices of the Diasporaā€¯. This CD set will accompany a book that we have written as a teaching tool for the global community on the sacred music of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, West Africa. This book and CD provides the missing link in our cultural preservation of sacred African music. This body of work has global and historical significance in that it has not only never been done before, but it is centered in New Orleans, a leader in the US in preserving African religious and cultural traditions, particularly through the work of Congo Square. The work is a journey into Zion Trinity’s unique style of blending music with Spirit and history. The book will translate and explain the meaning of songs as well as the symbols they contain, including explanations about the Orishas and their attributes. Containing all original artwork, this project will serve as a workbook for a community workshops and trainings. For the past 15 years, we have used these songs to help youth work through emotional and social stress and trauma to gain empowerment over their lives. The project also has songs that aid in rites of passage, such as birthing, funerals and burials.

How I will use the money:

The money awarded to Zion Trinity will be used to produce this powerful body of work that will teach the community about ceremony while preserving ancient spiritual traditions that feed us in mind, body & soul.

1000 double-disk CDs w/ packaging (2000 total disks) = $1950 1000 Lyrics Book, to accompany CDs= $850 Teaching workshop series (Footsteps of the African Diaspora) = $1500-$2000 Weekly Orisha Spirit Song Classes = $250