Awesome Hours is Awesome!!

So…. at our last Awesome Hours (in August at Tru Rootz Natural Hair Salon), some children got a hold of our camera equipment and decided to make their own video about Awesome Hours. The result is below and, although it’s a little crazy, it does provide great info about Awesome Hours and why YOU should come to the next one (that is, if you want $1000 for your awesome civic media project)!

BTW, the next Awesome Hours is Friday, September 20th (4-6pm) at Old Algiers Harvest Fresh Market on Teche and Newton Streets on the Westbank!! Hope to see you there!

September’s Winner is 2-Cent’s Listen! Literacy & Arts Festival!!



Focusing on the violence and education crises within our community, Listen! is an outdoor cultural arts festival organized by 2-Cent that offers an opportunity for New Orleans’ young people to form alliances for social activism, to voice their concerns, and to strategize for community betterment. We partner with Scholastic, Inc. to give out 10,000 brand new books and also to provide literacy training for parents at the festival. We reach out to local schools to encourage student participation by way of performances and essay contests.

Please join us at our next Awesome Hours event – Friday, September 20th (4-6pm) at the Algiers Harvest Fresh Market, Teche and Newton Streets on the Westbank. We’ll present a $1000 check to this month’s winner, 2-Cent Entertainment, and they’ll talk about their AWESOME project! After the check giveaway, trustees will be available to talk one-on-one with YOU about your project ideas and help you to apply.

Remember, we make $1000 grants every month. Proposals are now being accepted for the October grant cycle. So if you applied, but didn’t receive a grant during this cycle, we encourage you to re-apply!

– Your friends at Awesome New Orleans

About Awesome New Orleans: Launched in January 2013, Awesome New Orleans awards monthly $1,000, no-strings-attached grants for “civic media” and “social good” projects to applicants in the Orleans Parish area. We accept applications from everyone who has a great idea– individuals, community organizations and nonprofits alike. Click here to apply!!